Practice Areas

My practice is based primarily on family law, and I offer services to clients and families for a variety of actions that affect family relations, including children, parents, grandparents and others in the family system.


Whether you simply need a consult, help with forms, negotiation, guidance navigating the court system, or an advocate to take your case to trial, my services can be scaled to meet your needs.  Child custody issues, division of assets and debts, and support issues can be complex, and I'm here to help you understand them.



Parental Rights and Responsibilities


Children of unmarried parents benefit when their parents can resolve their issues and have a safe, predictable and stable plan for co-parenting.  My background and experience in this area can help you understand your options, and achieve a result in the best interests of your child.




The best solution is often the one that keeps you out of court all together.  My background and experience in the court system is put to good use when I am helping parties find common ground and resolve their issues together.  Drafting documents and guidance on court procedure can help you resolve your legal issues quickly and inexpensively.

Probate Guardianship

The Probate Court guardianship process can provide safety to children who are in an intolerable living situation.  Whether on a temporary or longer term basis, the Probate Court is a resource that is available to prtotect children from harm.


Protection from Abuse


Domestic violence is far too frequent in our communities.  When safety is at risk, the court system has an emergency process that can provide safety and security for parents and children.  If you need help with this part of the court process I can provide guidance and advocacy.




One of the best things about Maine is that you do get to know people.  Working in the field of family relations for over two decades has allowed me to become familiar with a variety of resources that may be helpful to you and your family.  Problems are often not just about one thing.  Working together with other service providers, my goal is to help you achieve lasting solutions.